Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

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John Lombardo and John Lockard Helping to Record the Site

Bob Jolly (DHR) and Jack Hranicky

Bull Run Rockart Site

​Class: Petroglyphic
Time: Unknown
​Location: Fairfax County, Virginia

The Bull Run glyph (44FX###) is an incised stick figure with pecking around the head and upper chest. Hands are claw-like, with no fingers. Glyph has no feet; only legs. The glyph is weathered suggesting a considerable antiquity. It was placed inside a small rockshelter on a flat wall. Shelter wall has graffiti which does not affect the glyph.

 Reported (independently) by: John Lombardo and John Lockard. Recorded: 7-23-2013 by the Virginia Rockart Survey and Virginia Department of Historic Resources.

 Location: Bull Run River Drainage, Fairfax County, Virginia