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Artifact In Situ

In measuring the boulders, Alfred Willis discovered a brick-like boulder sitting on a ledge on the northeast side of Boulder C. It was made from quartzite which does not occur at the site. It was covered with bitumen on its bottom side (as found) with some remaining on another face. Willis was the first to handle this artifact in over 13,000 years. It is a tribute artifact by an ancient individual many thousands of years ago. The boulder has five faces. It was probably covered with bitumen when first placed on the boulder. However, only the bottom side has full-face coating remaining.

Buckingham Stone Monument of Time

The Spout Run Sun Dial (44CK151) is located in Clarke County. It has three boulders sitting on top of a large boulder which is directly east from the observatory ring and, collectively, they are classified here as the Sun Dial. The upper boulders were placed on top of a large boulder (not geological actions). The dial has two channels: one is oriented north-south and one channel facing east. The boulders are positioned so that the annual and daily movement of the sun could be measured. A sun clock was found at the Blackberry Hill site.

Defining Solar Clocks

This site was discovered by R. A. Willis in November 2018. The investigation is ongoing… However, the site was re-investigated in May 2019 and determined to be a winter solstice site. The solstice channel is 120 degrees. The site was a ceremonial site during the Pleistocene era. The winter morning solstice sun will be observed by the Survey.

Spout Run Solar Clock, Clarke County, Virginia