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Dale Collins Photographing a Rockart Boulder – An Aerial View – 14 feet up…

The Virginia Rockart Survey to report the passing of Lewis Dale Collins. He worked on the Survey as the assistant director for 25+ years. Along with Jack Hranicky, they recorded over 15 rockart sites in the Middle Atlantic area. His contributions to prehistory are found in the book Virginia Fixed and Portable Artworks. Additionally, he belonged to the Archeological Society of Virginia for over 50 years. While a school teacher for 30 years, he simply loved the outdoors, namely hiking and looking at everything. As a graduate of Virginia Tech, he brought the scientific philosophy to the discovery and recording of ancient stone writings of Native Americans. Together with the director, they recorded over 15 rockart sites. Dale was 88 years young.

Dale Collins Making A Tracing of the Main Boulder’s Rockart

​(Salt Lick, West Virginia)

Dale Collins Providing Scale for Photographs

This website is dedicated to the memory of Dale Collins...