Difficult Run Rockart Site

Class: Petroglyphic

Time: Woodland (?)

Location: Fairfax County, Virginia

Rockart at Difficult Run Petroglyph Site (44FX2380) is an ethnographic example of a tool assembly of the atlatl (hook and board) and spear (point and shaft). For a site report, see Hranicky (2001). Rockart sites are another example of Indian sacred places. Glyphs are very difficult to photograph. The panel is composed of four glyphs.

Gary Eyler (Alexandria) found the site in 1983. He reported it to the National Park Service in 1986, The Survey became involved with it shortly the after.

No artifacts have found in the glyph area, but two Halifax points and one Piscataway point have been found near the site.

Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

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