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The Fish glyph does not have a counterpart in northeastern rockart (as in: Lenik 2002 and 2009 and Faulkner 1996). It does resemble the style and location of Susquehanna River glyphs (as in: Cadzow 1934 and Lenik 2009); it is probably a southern Susquehanna cultural marker. The glyph needs Park Service chalking to define its true structure and dimensions.

This petrographic site is located at the area identified as (44AR6) on the Potomac River. It lies approximately 35 meters south of the confluence of Gulf Branch and the Potomac River. The site was first reported to Scott Silsby by his father in the 1950s. The area was used for quarrying stone for buildings in the early days of the federal city. Since its location and age remain to be studied, the site has not been named or given a state site number.

Gulf Branch Petroglyph Site

Fish Glyph (Maryland - Potomac River Fall Line)

Class: Graphic

Time: Woodland (?)

​Location: Montomgery County, Maryland

Recording the Glyph – Shows Boulder’s Relative Size.  Scott Silsby Recording.

The Fish Glyph is located on the Maryland side of Great Falls on the Potomac River. It was investigated by the Virginia Rockart Survey (Hranicky, et al. (2014), and was published in National Geographic by George Stuart (Garrett 1987).