Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

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Harrison County Caveart Site

Class: Cave Petroglyphic

Time: Adena/Hopewell

​Location: West Virginia


Hranicky, Wm Jack and L. Dale Collins
(1997) Harrison County Petroglyph Site (46H51), West Virginia. ASV Quarterly Bulletin, Vol. 52, No. 1, pp. 23-28.

The Harrison County Petroglyph Site (46H51) was investigated by the Virginia Rockart Survey in 1995 and reported in the ASV Quarterly Bulletin. It was first published by Holmes (1890) with work by Mayer-Oakes (1955), Norona (1955), and James Swauger (1975). The site is a winter solstice site or ceremonial site. The site contained three deer/dog glyphs, snake glyph, and miscellaneous glyphs. The cave is 5 meters deep, 6.5 meters long, and 1.5 meters high.