Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

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little Mountain Rockart Site

Class: Pictographic

Time: Unknown

​Location: Nottoway County, Virginia

The DHR conducted test excavations at the shelter (Howard MacCord and Randy Turner). Only historic artifacts were found.

Located in Nottoway County, the Little Mountain Pictograph Site (44NT13) is a winter solstice observation site. It was recorded and published by the Virginia Rockart Survey (Hranicky 1992). The glyphs are located inside a cave or shallow shelter. The glyphs are in shadow all year except during the winter solstice. The sun travels far enough south to illuminate the inside of the wall containing the glyphs. The site probably dates post-1400 AD and is Mississippian. Site was initially recorded by Howard MacCord on 12-18-1989. Cave measures 12.5 feet across the mouth, and 12.5 feet to the interior wall. Height is approximately 8 feet.

 The hand glyph occurs also at Short Mountain, Spout Run, and the sun (?) glyph occurs at Paint Lick Mountain.

Winter Solistice

Shadow Line.