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Survey Operations

  ​​For all of Virginia’s rockart sites, see sister site - www.va-rockart.org. The following definitions are used by the Survey:

Glyph – any image in a graphic form that conveys an ancient mental thought.

Glyph type:
Pictograph - is a glyph painted on a boulder face
Petroglyph - is a glyph pecked into the surface of a boulder face
Mud - are glyphs painted/drawn on a mud surface, usually in caves
Raised relief glyph is one that has had the glyph’s surrounding area pecked away; thus, a raised glyph
Images created by shadows or sunlight (temporary).

The Virginia Rockart Survey (VRS) is a nonprofit, independent organization with a staff of volunteers. The Survey locates and records rockart sites reported to it by citizens of Virginia and surrounding states. It started with two known Virginia sites and has increased the number of Middle Atlantic area sites to over 35.

The Survey operates on the following:

    • Always receives permission to visit, study, and record an artform site
    • Never removes any object for the site
    • Never conducts an excavation on the site under investigation
    • Always provides a written report to the property owner(s)
    • Obtains site numbers, if applicable
    • Use volunteers for recording the site
    • Treats all sites as sacred places
    • Never chalks glyphs
    • Publishes Survey reports of the investigations.