Winter View of Paint Lick Mountain, Tazewell County, Virginia


        When the summer sun moves to its furtherest position, the mountain top blocks Glyph Panel #1 which is in shadow.
        When the winter sun moves to its furtherest position, Glyph Panel #4 is open for illumination.
        Otherwise, Panel 1 has regular daylight illumination. And, Glyph Panel #4 stays in shadow all year.Timing: Both events last approximately two weeks.

Paint Lick Mountain (44TZ13) was first reported by Mallery (1888-89). It was the first site investigated by the Virginia Rockart Survey. Dale Collins and the author first investigated the site in November 1983. Numerous trips with volunteers from the Archeological Society of Virginia to the site were subsequently made to record it. The site is both a winter and summer solstice observation site which probably dates around 1400 AD or later. The site has Mississippian factors and is probably associated with mounds in western Virginia.

Paint Lick Mountain Rockart Site

Class: Pictograph

Time: Woodland

​Location: Tazewell County, Virginia

Mallory’s 1888-89 drawing of the Paint Lick Mountain (44TZ13) pictographs

Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

​ rockart glyphs pictographs petroglyphs

Overview of the Upper Ledge Containing the Pictographs