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This rockart panel is suggested as having a winter solstice orientation; but with only two physical ground positions, the orientation and alignment cannot be proven. Its glyphs are similar to the glyphs at White’s #1. Glyphs are heavily weathered.

Spout Run Artifacts

Chris White’s #1  Spout Run Petroglyphs

Spout Run Effigy

The Chris White #1 site is located in line with the equinox and the main site. It probably had a ceremonial aspect with this site’s social practices.

 All glyphs measurements are:

Top Hand
            L-R = 8 inches
            T-B = 8 ½ inches
Bottom Hand
            L-R = 8 inches
            T-B = 5 inches
Geometric Glyphs

L-R (max) = 29 inches

T-B = 9 inches

Glyph to floor = 21 inches.

White’s #2 Hands Rockart Glyphs (Both right hands)

Spout Run is a Pleistocene era site that has:

  • A solar clock - a timekeeping device
  • A set of concentric rings
  • Effigy artforms
  • A solstice orientation
  • And, Pleistocene stone tools.

Near Spout Run’s altar there is a square-shaped stone configuration with its apex stone that has a possible rockart glyph. This identification is based on chalking ridge-surfaces on the boulder. It is entirely up to the reader if this is rockart. The boulder measurements are:

 Boulder size:
L = 23 inches
W = 14 inches
T = 2 inches.

Possible glyph is[1]:
Length = 12 inches
[1] Note: Standing Stone #2 contains graphics; thus, this artwork has been constantly exposed to the natural elements for 13,000+ years, and it has diminished greatly.

Spout Run Site, Clarke County, Virginia

Spout Run Concentric Rings for Prehistoric Ceremonies

Spout Run Bitumen Effigy on Quartz

Chris White’s #2  Spout Run Petroglyphs

Spout Run Rings

The area at the direction of the saddle of two mountains has a large boulder with two hand impressions, named the Chris White #2 rockart site. This boulder was probably upright during prehistoric times. The glyphs are on the boulder’s flat surface. All known glyphs in Virginia are on vertical surfaces; not on flat horizontal surfaces. The rockart boulder has the following metrics:

Base boulder:
H = 4 ft
W = 5.5 ft
L = 15.6 ft

Glyph #1
L>R = 8.5 in
B>T = 8.5 in

Glyph #2
L>R = 7.5 in
B>T = 8.5 in

 Glyph panel:
Width = 17 in.

Spout Run Footprint

The Spout Run site in Clarke County has incised hand-imprint and geometric-designed glyphs. They are located in a small shelter which is directly east of the main site (ringed area). These rockart panels are:

Chris White’s #1
Chris White’s #2