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Great Serpent Mountain Ceremonial Complex

Class: Solar

Time: Pleistocene

​Location: Hampshire County, West Virginia

The site has two solstice pointers, one for each solstice. The winter pointer was recorded on December 21, 2017. The pointer is located at the head of Serpent Number 1. And as such, this serpent is named the Winter Serpent as opposed to its counterpart which is called the Summer Serpent – Serpent Number 2.

 The two solstices probably represent the paleoyear for the site’s occupants. And, what is especially noteworthy is these two serpents face each other.

Sun Channel Illuminated at High Noon

Solar Clock

The Great Serpent Mountain (46HM285) archaeological complex comprises over 20 ground cairns, six stacked base stone cairns, six split stones, multiple rock carvings that reference the summer and winter solstice. Also on the property is a stacked stone serpent effigy wall stretching 91 yards long and an egg effigy cairn. Small artifacts have been found there as well as bedrock cupules. A major feature is a standing stone with a petroglyph.

 After completing over a year of preliminary surveying, this complex is classified as a Pleistocene occupation.

 The complex was discovered by Matt and Ingrid Howard of Martinsburg, West Virginia. The archaeological investigation is ongoing and reports will be published.

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