Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

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Slat lick Rock Boulder Rockart Site

Class: Incised

Time: Unknown

​Location: Guyandot River, West Virginia

The Salt Rock Petroglyphs are located on the Guyandot River in West Virginia. It is about 23-24 miles from the Ohio River. The petroglyph site was investigated by the Virginia Rockart Survey (Jack Hranicky and Dale Collins) in June 1992. There are two sites on this part of the river, but one could not be located by the Survey. The sites are in Cabell County, West Virginia. This site consist of two boulders.

The site is approximately 100 meters from cupstones on a large outcrop. The Salt Rock’s main boulder (A) is 8 ft by 11 ft and has a 40 degree dip. At its highest end, it is 5 feet high. The second boulder (B) is 10 feet long and is 42 inches high and has a 30 degree dip. The river 50 meters to the south.