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Glyph Site Number 2

#2 - Handprint (Un-Chalked)

The Spout Run site in Loudoun County has incised hand-imprint and geometric-designed glyphs. They are located in a small shelter which is directly east of the main site (ringed area). These rockart panels are:

Chris White’s #1
Chris White’s #2

 The Chris Whites #1 site is located in line with the equinox and the main site. It probably had a ceremonial aspect with these site’s social practices.

#1 - Glyphs Chalked

Overview: Whites #1 Rockart Site Glyphs (Both glyphs are of the right hand.)

#2 - Glyphs Chalked

Spout Run's Rockart Sites

Class: Petroglyph

Time: Pleistocene

​Location: Clarke County, Virginia

#1 - Handprint (Un-Chalked)