The Virginia Rockart Survey staff visited the Wyoming County Petroglyph (46 Wm 3) site in West Virginia to record and study its glyphs. The site has many, many interpretations, most of which claim Old World association. The Survey draws no conclusions from the literature on the site or from actual study of the glyphs. This site is also known as the Luther Elkins site (Bashler 1989). It has numerous related rockart sites, such as:

         Horse Creek (WVA)
         Station Camp Creek (KY)
         Layton 2 Rock (KY)
         Beard’s Fork (WVA).


Note: This site has a Winter solstice orientation.

Dale Collins Chalking Glyphs

Wm Jack Hranicky RPA

​ rockart glyphs pictographs petroglyphs

Wyoming County Glyphic Shelter

Class: Engraved

Time: Late

​Location: Wyoming County, West Virginia

Jack Hranicky Testing Glyph Color